Monday, February 6, 2017

What I'm writing: February

Synopsis for "Taylor's Story" (working title)
Copyright 2017, Hannah Gridley

Thus far I haven't shared any of my writing projects on this blog.  I loved this idea so much that I simply couldn't pass it up; it's a companion story to another book I'm working on, a contemporary fiction piece tentatively called "Ellie" (obviously needing some good titles, here...) and also connected to a romantic comedy featuring Ellie's sister and the sister's husband (yes, there's a story there!) and one featuring Stephanie, a member of David Grayson's team as featured in this synopsis.

My biggest reservation is that this group of stories is so diverse in genre.  It's a challenge trying to tie an action/spy story in properly with Ellie's story as a suburban housewife, and the other two shorter romantic comedies.  At first I fought it and tried to stick only with Ellie, but the other characters were clamoring for their own time in the spotlight and a trifling little thing like genre wasn't going to keep them from telling their stories.  And when story is speaking during NaNoWriMo, you have no moment to ignore it, so I've written sizable chunks of these stories already.

For those of you who can't read my scribble (this was written in haste during the announcements portion of a work conference), here's the typed version:

Taylor Martin loses all his buddies in a helicopter crash while on a training mission.  Because of international circumstances, he cannot contact his family or return home.  How's a man to find a future after he's been shut out of his past?

David Grayson, an international top-secret agent for America, is seeking to reconcile his Christian beliefs with his tasks in intelligence work.  At the same time, as he seeks to lead his team safely in growing danger, he realizes the reality of a threat from within--and the whole team faces certain death if he can't uncover and defeat it.

(Copyright 2017 by Hannah Gridley)

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