Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ahoy 2017!

My resolutions...

Well, sweet readers, I have made several resolutions this year, and I intend to do my level best to keep them.

1. Last year I failed at my intention on reading the Bible every day.  I won't say how badly, but it was bad.  To keep myself inspired, I bought a new Bible, so all my markings will be fresh.  Ivory pages and references and large print...very nice.  While Christmas shopping, I found this 365-day devotional journal.  It has quotes, poems, or scriptures for each day, along with space to write whatever I please.

For example, here is a part of a quote from yesterday..."How could I be anything but quite happy if I believed always that all the past is forgiven, and all the present furnished with power, and all the future bright with hope?"—James Smetham

Now that gave me a whole different perspective about New Years.  I've heard an incredible amount of complaining about 2016, as though it was an apocalyptic disaster for all involved.  While it was tough in some respects, it wasn't my worst year ever.  First thought: I am a sinful human bought with the blood of God Himself.  He told me in the Bible that the world is a place of sin, but that He was sending His Holy Spirit as a Comforter while He went to prepare a place for us in Heaven with Him.  Now, He never promised us a perfect earthly life, never promised rest or riches or earthly honor.  He did promise to draw us closer to Himself.

Who am I to complain when I have to re-evaluate my way of life, when everything breaks, when my back hurts and my hands drop things and my phone loses its signal?  These things were never intended to last forever.  Each day I need to be reminded of that, and I hope I do not lose sight of that as often this year as I did last.

2. Reading 200 books this year.  Last year I aced this...except, I bought more.  My TBR is ready to slide and and bury me.  (Ah, yes, I know there are worse ways to go...).  This year, I want a healthy balance.  99% of my reading last year was fiction.  This year, I have decided to read at least one nonfiction book per month.  

3. Paying down debt.  Most of this was car repairs.  I got rid of the main culprit, which had no excuse to be gulping so many dollars at its age, only to have the "new" one I got, which caused me absolutely zero trouble and has 4WD for wet or icy roads, actually develop mold in the back floorboard.  Yowza.  Almost 3K to remediate.

4. Giving more.  Yes, I mean dollars.  Americans as a whole are giving less to charitable, and especially are bad at giving tithes to their home churches.  I have no right to complain if I am not doing it myself.

5. Not neglecting my blog!  I'm setting a goal of posting at least once a month, if not more often.

Have you set any resolutions this year?